Mechanical jacks with rotating screw and translating screw made in Italy. The range consists of 9 configurable sizes in different versions with PAM connections or with single or double protruding shafts. The whole EP series is made in such a way as to guarantee excellent interchangeability with different screw jacks currently available in the market. Spheroidal cast iron casings play the critical role to guarantee the maximum mechanical and structural resistance in all applications. While, thanks to the VSF made of 18NICRMO5 steel case-hardened and tempered with rectified VSF profiles, combined with the bronze crown ( GCnSu12) it  guarantees maximum performance and reliability in terms of duration.

The  range of mechanical screw jacks  includes:

  • 9 Sizes of screw jacks
  • Power from 500 daN to 60,000 daN
  • Reduction ratio 1/5 – 1/10 – 1/20 – 1/30
  • Different construction forms
  • TPN screw with diameters from 18 × 4 to 120 × 14
  • On request stainless steel rod
  • DeliveryWithin 2 weeks
  • Product100% Made in Italy. 
  • Tailor made as per customers drawing

Rotating Screw Jacks

Translating Screw Jack


Carcassa in Ghisa Epc-Mec.


All the mechanical jacks of the standard series are made with a spheroidal cast iron casing, suitable for carrying loads up to 60,000 kg. The painting guarantees durability over time, avoiding corrosion. On request, it is possible to manufacture jacks with a stainless steel, aluminum or technopolymer frame.

Corona intera in bronzo GB-CU SN12 DIN 17656


One of the most stressed and subjected to wear components is the full bronze crown GB-CU SN12 DIN 17656, which guarantees long life and mechanical resistance over time.

Martinetto meccanico meccanico speciale


With the knowledge and experience acquired over the years in the field, we are able to design and implement solutions to satisfy even all those applications where it is not possible to install a standard jack. The jacks are fully customizable for stroke length, shape, control accessories and much more.

Vite senza fine in acciaio 18NI- CRM05


Worm screw in 18NI-CRM05 case- hardened and tempered steel with ground vsf profiles, which ensures longer life.

cuscinetti reggispinta

Designed ad-hoc

Suitable for supporting large loads thanks to their sturdy structure and specially sized thrust bearings .

Martinetti a Ricircolo di Sfere Epc-mec

Ball Screw

On request, ball screws for high speeds, continuous cycles, efficiency and precision.


Mechanical jacks are electromechanical devices that  transform rotary motion , generally electric motors, into a  linear movement  of vertical lifting or horizontal positioning (in pulling or pushing).

The movement takes place thanks to the worm gear reducer (helical wheel) which transmits the movement to the shaft (nut screw).

There are several advantages in using the mechanical jack instead of the hydraulic cylinder:

  • Stroke control by various devices
  • Electric operation, therefore in the machine there are power wires and no oil under pressure
  • Stay in the position in case of power failure
  • Mechanical or electronic synchronization of several jacks

Jacks generally fall into two groups:

  • Rotating screw (with nut)
  • With translating screw

Depending on the jack model, different control and work accessories can be installed.

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