Made in Italy mechanical Screw Jack 

Mechanical screw jacks with translating screw and rotating screw
High quality and interchangeability with most of the screw jacks on the market.

EPC – MEC is an Italian company, specialized in the production and selling throughout Europe of translating and rotating screw jacks for companies in the mechanical sector.

Products Made in Italy , speed of response and delivery, compatibility and customization are the values with which we address every day to our customers.

Translating screw jacks and rotating screw with TPN or ball screw.
Why choose EPC - MEC?

Fast deliveries and responses!

We respond and deliver in half the time compared to major jack suppliers

EPC 50%

High interchangeability

EPC – MEC screw jacks are interchangeable with almost all products of the same category.
EPC 100%

Made In Italy

Made in Italy with premium quality bronze and steel for maximum durability.

Are you looking for a special mechanical screw jack?

Stainless Steel - Aluminum

If you have to handle, move, lift loads and do not find suitable standard jacks, we at EPC – MEC also produce mechanical jacks in stainless steel, aluminum and technopolymer for special applications. Submit your problem to us, we will be happy to provide you with the best solution.

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